STARESSO™ Pro Mirage Espresso Machine Version 2023 Update


Double espresso, double happiness!! 

Safe material

  • This portable coffee maker was made of food-grade plastic, durable heat-insulating rubber, and 304 stainless steel material and effectively prolong the service life, meeting many consumers' needs.
  • Wishing to bring the best product, this product is updated so our customers can use it with ease.

All-in-one design

  • Portable Espresso Machine adopted an all-in-one design, and three-stage detachable, every component of the portafilter is easily separated for deep cleaning.
  • The stand is foldable and detachable, when used, it can help you stand to press; when not used, it can be stored or folded, very convenient.

 Double-serving - Perfect for all coffee aficionados

  • This portable coffee maker can put up to 24g of coffee powder at a time, and it can be used by 1-2 people, used in various scenes such as outdoor travel, car, home, office, etc.
  • Staresso portable espresso machine has a pressure of 15-20 bar each time, without noise, rotate the pressure regulator of the coffee outlet to obtain the coffee strength you need. Simple to use, and easily meet the requirements of Italian extraction.

How to use Staresso Mirage?

  • Fill the filter basket with coffee grounds.
  • Add hot water to the water chamber.
  • Release the plunger and press hard to extract the coffee liquid.
  • Enjoy authentic Espresso.
  • You can also make Cappuccino and Latte by adding frothed milk to Espresso.


Dimension: 9.5 x 5.7 x 3.5 inch
Weight: 500g 1.0 lb
Water capacity: 180 ml 6.0 fl oz
Ground capacity: 18~22 g
Working Pressure: 15~20 bar with Pressure Valve
Material: FDA-approved PP & Stainless Steel