About Us

"In our world, You are unique, beautiful, and worthy."

We believe that everybody deserves to find their perfect hue. New Top Deal honors all women, and we aspire to be a continuous companion on all of their adventures - in all of their important moments.


Our Mission

We have a mission to accompany customers in designing better products, assisting them in purchasing more affordable items, discovering more unique products, and expressing their personalities.

Our Values

Our values encompass the following core principles:

  • Application of technology: The Internet has revolutionized global operations, and with the younger generation's adeptness and grasp of technology, we are committed to integrating technology across all processes to deliver optimal value to our customers.
  • Work hard and work smart: Nothing can replace this ethos.
  • Collaboration with partners: Leveraging the power of global connectivity, we pledge to identify and collaborate with exemplary partners, with the utmost goal of providing the best possible value to our customers.

Our Vision

Going beyond the objective of establishing a thriving online store with impressive sales figures, our ultimate aspiration is to evolve into a cherished brand that resonates deeply with customers. This cherished connection will be built upon the foundation of exceptional product quality and an unwavering commitment to ensuring utmost satisfaction throughout every facet of the shopping journey.

Contact Us

  • Marketing Office: 61/163, Tu Dinh, Long Bien, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
  • Support Email: support@newtopdeal.com - Alice Smith
  • Phone Number: ‪(+1) 307-215-7705