STARESSO™ Discovery Hand Coffee Grinder - Buy 1 Grinder Get 1 STARESSO™ Basic 2023 Update


Brew your own consistent coffee with Staresso Grinder!!

Very easy to use

  • Using only 2 fingers to hold the handle and rotate it around the axis, you can easily grind your favorite coffee powder.
  • Because the body is relatively small without supporting the part, you must take a little effort to grind, but it's not heavy. So simple to grind each bean with the Staresso Grinder!
  • When rotating the handle, the force will be applied directly to the edge in order to grind more comfortably.

Allow to adjust the grinding size

  • Allows to adjust to every size of grinding which meets the requirements of professional coffee brewing machines such as Moka pot, Staresso, Pour over,...
  • Staresso has been equipped with an intuitive dial switch with 11 levels of grinding so you can easily brew your own delicious coffee using a variety of tools. 


How to use Staresso Coffee Grinder?

  • Open the lid and put the coffee beans on the body of the grinder.
  • Assemble the handle then adjust the grinding size you want.
  • Start grinding.


Color: Silver
Material: Aluminum
Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 2 x 2 inches
Item Weight: 1.68 pounds
Manufacturer: STARESSO