Anti-Gravity Water Droplet Humidifier Led Table Lamp

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😱 Defy gravity and mesmerize your sense

Elevate your space and Eliminate dry unbreathable air now! 🌬️

This humidifier not only adds moisture to the air but also creates a mesmerizing anti-gravity effect that will capture your attention.

Feel the stress melt away as our Humidifier helps you recover your mood

Water drop reflux atomization technology, fine water mist, nourishing the air simultaneously can relieve pressure, help you recover your mood, and make life more interesting.

Switch off the lights for a peaceful night's sleep

Our humidifier is designed with 2 modes: Light and Sleep. When the lights are turned on, you can see the water magically flow backward. When you want to sleep, you can touch the key, the light will be off, and provide you with a good sleeping environment.

Automatically shut off the power design making your life easier and safer

The cool mist humidifier will be shut down automatically if the water runs out (you can fill it with a maximum of 500ml water) or you can time it for up to 8 hours.

Wanna know how to use it?

Simply fill the water tank with clean water, plug in the USB cable, and press the power button to start enjoying the benefits of a humidifier.


  • Product material: ABS
  • Product size: 9 * 4.7 inch
  • Product weight: 600g
  • Water tank capacity: 500ml
  • Working hours: 8 hours scheduled

Package included:

  • 1x Anti-Gravity Water Droplet Humidifier Led Table Lamp
  • 1x USB data cable