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Washable Reusable Sticky Roller Pet Hair Lint Remover

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Roll roll roll, stick all fur!

Fur, fur, fur and fur, the hair of your little friends are everywhere you look, such a terrible disaster! Rescue your house now with our sticky roller!

Save your clothes and sofa

This roller rescues your furniture and clothes by sticking away dust and fur, keeping your house always clean. 

Stick all tiny objects

From lint, dust, hair to earrings, pendants, necklaces, this sticky roller can stick every small object. 

Protect your health

Fur, lint and small dust may cause many respiratory problems. But don’t worry, this roller removes them all to protect your health! 

Washable and reusable

After it gets dirty, you can wash it with water to bring it back to the new condition and continue using it.

Get the best utensils!


Material: Polypropylene + TPR