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Telescopic Sink Storage Rack Kitchen Organizer Soap Sponge Holder

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A place for all cleaning items


Bowls, plates and pots are all clean, now it’s time to organize your cleaning items with this telescopic rack to keep your kitchen completely tidy. 

Organized cleaning utensil

Brush, sponge, towel, everything is in its right place - this sink rack to give you an absolutely neat space

Ventilated holes for quick dry

The small holes at the bottom make a way for water to dry faster to prevent mold and harmful bacteria caused by water accumulation. 

Suitable for all sinks

The telescopic design allows you to adjust the length of this rack freely to fit your sink better. 

Clean with ease

The smooth and oil-proof inner walls and rounded corners save you hours of cleaning oil and dirt. 

The deal event for your pocket!


Material  PP

Length: 32 - 45cm / 12.6 - 17.7in

Width:  6cm / 2.4in

Height: 27cm / 10.6in