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Roll-up Compression Clothes Storage Bag for Travel

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Counter your messy, narrow travel suitcase!

Super-organize your luggage for a holiday season to come!

Maximize the space in your luggage bag with the use of this travel compression bag. 

🧳 Travel at Ease when packing your luggage

 You have limited space in your luggage and you need to bring everything. To help you fit it all, it is better to have these bags with you. Arrange your clothes properly so you don’t need to bring more bags with you. Likewise, traveling with lesser bags to carry can leave you at ease and more convenient.

Save tons of space

Think of these goodies as clothes storage bags, but amplified! With the ability to resize whatever items you put into a tiny package, this would be such a relief for suitcase organizing

💦 Full protection

Protect your clothes against dirt, dust, water or anything that could get in. Our bags are airtight and watertight.

Easy to use

Just pack, zip and roll! the air will exit from valves at the bottom of the bag; the transparent see through ensures speedy security checks of your luggage at airports which are TSA approved and compliant

Reusable and transparent material

Worrying of dirt and moisture getting in your storing containers and harboring nasty bacteria and mildew? Fear not with this mighty triple protection! Our bags are made of high-quality waterproof PA+PE material, transparent 

Discover a new organizer for your trip!


Material PA + PE 

35x50cm (14x20in)

40x50cm (16x20in)


50x70cm (20x28in)

Package includes:

It depends on which combo you choose!

1. Clothes and quilts should be completely dry before being placed in the bag.

2. Please do not touch the nail or needle directly to avoid damage to the bag.

3. Please avoid using feathered items in the bag, as there will be some hard thorns. When the air is drained, the thorn may protrude from the item to puncture the bag.

4. If the zipper may deform if bent, this will reduce the performance of the seal, so try to flatten the bag. The small fibers or dust attached to the zipper also reduce the seal, so use a damp cloth to clean the zipper before pulling it up.

5. Clothes and quilts have different compression and recovery rates because they are made of different materials.