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Beveled LED Lighted Magnifying Makeup Mirror

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Be your "right-hand" partner for the perfect makeup layouts

The Lighting System That Never Lies

  • Always see your foundation, bronzer, and eyeshadow in ultra-high definition, true-to-life shades

  • You can blend and contour like a pro

Three Ways to Find Your Light

  • The ability to switch from Soft White, Neutral White, or Natural Daylight
  • Feel confident your makeup is absolutely color-correctindoors, outdoors, day, or night.

  • Say hello to perfectly blended makeup for evenings out, photoshoots, and every day.

Your Beauty X 10

  • To help you tweeze, groom, and apply perfectly winged eyeliner with super fine detail

  • Comes with a 10X magnifying mirror that attaches magnetically.

Disassembles for Easy Travel

  • Never hit the road without your most trusted makeup sidekick. 
  • Mirror, stand, and base can be quickly taken apart for packing.