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Hair Straightener Comb Hot Ceramic Brush Hair Straightener

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Wavy hair? Curly hair? Frizzy hair? Thick hair? Never fear - our Hair Straightener Comb has a solution for you!

This revolutionary device is designed to straighten your hair with a simple swipe.

3 minutes of Fast Styling

Fast styling for no time wasted with 3 minutes of hair straightening time. A high-performance heating system for quick styling that leaves no kinks or knots.

The salon hair care effect in your own home

Hair Straightener Comb releases rich negative ions which can seal the hair cuticles and lock in your hair's natural moisture, eliminating frizz, knotting, and split ends.

Be the envy of others with sleek, smooth hair that lasts all day long.

Anti-scalding Comb

The ionic coating is used on the heating surface of the comb to keep the hair shiny and healthy and prevent burns due to excessive temperature. Proper spacing can increase the contact area between comb teeth and hair.


Temperature regulation guide

  • Level 1 temperature: (130℃) suitable for soft and delicate hair
  • Level 2 temperature: (145°C) for regular light curly hair
  • Level 3 temperature: (160℃) customized settings for blond, dyed or colored hair
  • Level 4 temperature: (170℃) customized settings for blond, dyed or colored hair
  • Level 5 temperature: (200℃) suitable for very thick, curly, and hard hair


  • Color: Green-Black-White
  • Stalls: 5 stalls
  • Minimum temperature: 130°C
  • Maximum temperature: 200°C
  • Rated voltage: 110V/220V
  • Rated frequency: 50HZ
  • Rated power: 45W
  • Product net weight: 378 grams
  • Heat temperature: about 130 degrees -200 degrees
  • Product size: 310*46*45MM
  • Conductor diameter: 21mm-30mm
  • Applicable hair: wet and dry hair
  • Material: PTC ceramic

Package Include:

  • 1 x Hair Straightener Comb