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How To Find Perfect Bra For Big Bust

The more difficult it is to find the ideal bra, the larger the cup size and the heavier the bust. However, there are some tricks you can employ. New Top Deal goes over what you should consider when purchasing a bra for a large, heavy bust.

Considering identifying the correct size

It is extremely common for people to buy and wear the wrong bra size, and experts say that if you have large breasts, it is usually because you are trying to fit into a bra that is too small or does not provide enough support.

Bra straps that are constantly falling, underwires that dig into your boob, and cups that are just a few of the signs.... If any or all of these sound all too familiar, Lewis recommends looking for a “sister size” to the one you've been wearing—there are plenty of resources online to help you find that magic number.

A big bust needs a firm bra

A bra designed specifically for a large bust has many properties that help lift the bust. The most important factor is how the bra fits around the back, the material of the bra, and the combination of several properties.

  • Larger straps

Although the straps only provide support 20% for your breasts, the weight of your breasts puts pressure on the strap and, in turn, your shoulders. If the strap is too narrow, it will dig into your shoulders, causing discomfort and possibly causing skin damage. As a result, we recommend going with a wider strap for maximum comfort.

  • The suitable band

The band provides 80% of the support needed to support the weight of the bust. When you raise your arms, it should fit evenly from front to back and not move or shift, and it should lie flat across your back without rising up.

When you can only slip two fingers underneath the back of the band, you're wearing the correct size.

  • Best types of cup for the big bust

This is dependent on the shape and appearance you prefer; there are many different shapes and types for fuller busts on the market now, so you have plenty of options. We would like to recommend some kinds of the cup which is seen as the most suitable for each type of big bust.

Teardrop-shaped: a demi or balconette style might offer you a good fit

Round-shaped: a plunge or triangular silhouette might feel more supportive

Full bust: unlined bras are typically the most comfortable

Suggested suitable bra for you